Invest as low as Rs 5000 in quality PSU, State Govt Bonds: New Fund Offer


Edelweiss Asset Management Company Limited has declared the launch of Edelweiss NIFTY PSU Bond plus SDL Index Fund – 2026. Latently managed, is a first of its sort index fund which will put resources into AAA-evaluated PSU Bonds just as State Development Loans (SDL).

Edelweiss said in an explanation that the new Edelweiss NIFTY PSU Bond Plus SDL Index Fund – 2026 is a Debt Index Fund with six-year maturity. While this item will likewise see instability, there will be no interest rate hazard for the individuals who intend to hold until maturity.

Radhika Gupta, MD and CEO, Edelweiss Asset Management, informed that current debt funds, due to their open-ended nature, convey duration risk regardless of whether you stay invested for a significant stretch. Thus, returns continue to vacillate because of changes in interest rates, particularly in a high-term debt fund.

Gupta said that in target maturity reserves, length diminishes as the asset moves toward its maturity. This gives great visibility of profits. Regardless of whether interest rates change in the middle, it will not affect returns for investors who stay invested till the finish of maturity.

Edelweiss said that one can contribute as low as Rs 5,000. The asset will have a characterized maturity date of April 30, 2026. At maturity, investors will get back their investments continues. The asset will mean holding the bonds till maturity to give security and visibility of profits to investors. The AMC additionally said that taxed at 20% post indexation, this asset will be more tax-effective when contrasted with traditional avenues.

The Edelweiss NIFTY PSU Bond Plus SDL Index Fund – 2026 NFO will be available for subscription between March 10 to March 16, 2021. As per Edelweiss, its new fund offer is a first-historically speaking, open-ended, Target Maturity Index Fund that will dominatingly invest in the constituents of NIFTY PSU Bond Plus SDL 50:50 Index. The extent of investments of AAA PSU Bonds and SDLs will be similarly divided with a weightage of 50 percent each.

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