IPL 2022: Leveraging a mobile-based audience through OEMs and QR codes


Kumar Saurav – Head – of worldwide Mobile Business, AdCounty Media, emphasizes how brands, marketers, and advertisers can make the foremost of this opportunity. He firmly advocates a comprehensive OEM ecosystem combined with innovative digital advertising mediums to realize more prominent visibility and drive more substantial connections with the audiences.

 The Indian Premier League has become indispensable for brands to maximise the tournament. Concurrently, it is important to remain watchful and preclude inordinate investments and costs incurred by utilizing sponsorships, TV airtime, and live ads amid the match. Targeting a mobile-based audience may be immensely fruitful for brands with budget constraints.

The resilience of most Indian brands are visiting be determined within the year 2022. With macro-economic trends, viz. supply chain limitations, skyrocketing input costs, and inflationary concerns, brands are compelled to die the worth to consumers while staying au fait the new normal’s dynamic consumer behaviour and expectations.

 Why Should Smartphone OEMs air Every Mobile Marketer’s Radar?

The grand sporting extravaganza, IPL 2022, continues to witness new-age brands at the forefront of the marketing warfare, understanding novel ways to capture the attention of their audience. Striking is that the incontrovertible fact that Google’s 2020 Year in Search Report revealed that the foremost searched global term was “coronavirus”, but in India, it had been “Indian Premier League”.

 on condition that 61% of the IPL viewers are hooked on to their phones for watching matches, and 70% of them constantly rely upon their phones for match updates, social media interactions, commentary, etc., smartphone OEMs should be considered as a preeminent an element of the mobile marketing strategy for app marketers. As of March 2022, Xiaomi dominates the smartphone arena with a share of 26.42%, followed by Samsung occupying 17.49% (Courtesy: Stat counter).

The foremost recent IPL App Marketing Report by AppsFlyer lists entertainment, education, finance, food & beverages, and gaming apps because the purpose of interest industries for mobile marketers. Placing bids on ad slots within live streaming might initially sound proactive, but is in no way the only bet for mobile app advertisers within the preliminary user acquisition stage. Mobile OEMs, on the contrary, could convince be the correct choice to realize the marketer’s campaign goals.

 Here are some ways QR codes could also be leveraged: · Instant purchases with shoppable QR codes · Use engaging content to pique interest · Incentives to shop for your product · Integrating QR codes into referral programs In a nutshell, Smartphone OEMs and QR codes are productive alternatives to live streaming ads during the IPL, which may well be as expensive joined crore to land a 30-second ad slot.

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