iSHAKTI’s #Right2Connect arranges meetings with key stakeholders


iSHAKTI, a purpose-driven Foundation that is devoted to facilitating local entrepreneurship, gripped its first #Right2Connect town hall meeting for conferring with crucial stakeholders of the Indian telecom ecosystem.

The #Right2Connect Town hall conference drew together under one roof key stakeholders of the Indian telecom ecosystem to discuss how to attach all to the mainstream via technology. And the challenges and chances of building a truly ubiquitous network while guaranteeing a healthful co-existence of the household and foreign manufacturers.

#Right2Connect is an enterprise under the aegis of iSHAKTI that endeavours to attach the detached, poorest of the poor, into an omnipresent network to build and drive a wholesome tech-driven ecosystem.

In the procedure, attaching people into the mainstream so that they can provide for nation-building and get the advantages from a wide array of government services and welfare schemes, comprising direct benefit transfer (DBT).

Talking at the event, Dr Bhalla, IAS (Retd), the chief enabler of the iSHAKTI Foundation spoke of the challenges that, he thinks, are expansion opportunities. “The economic reforms possess intense roots in India. And in the days to arrive, the economy will reap only power because of the powerful fundamentals. The necessity of the hour is the true policies formulations and their true execution to take the expansion and its advantages to the very later man”.

“As India parades on to restrain the telecom and technological revolution, the stride of expansion of Satcom has become quickly thanks to the modern reforms and IoT (internet of things) seizing the centre stage to guarantee integration of numerous underserved segments in the growth process.  I glimpse an ushering of a phase of modification in India for the Indians,” says Anupam Shrivastava, Partner Mavcomm Advisory Pvt. Ltd and former Chairman of BSNL.

“We will encompass their beliefs into a progressive document, taking into account the problems of all the stakeholders and realise the innate potential of the telecom sector to earning India a truly digital society as is anticipated by the honourable prime minister”, said Prof. N.K Goyal, President, Chairman Emeritus, CMAI, TEMA. 

The town hall was heeded by key functionaries from the Government of India and the prime leaders from the public as well as the private sector and was organised in alliance with the Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association of India (TEMA) and Mavcomm Advisory.

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