A new way for users to earn money through meta platform.


Meta has initiated a new strategy of allowing the creators to monetise their videos with licensed music. This feature will be carried out starting Monday. The creators are entitled to 20% of the income through in-stream ads on the videos that are longer than 60 seconds.

Meta has announced that they have partnered with numerous music industries.

Meta has come up with certain monetisation policies, Community standards and music guidelines whereby the creators has to comply with it to enjoy monetary benefits.

Meta has come up with strategy to compete its rival TikTok owned by  ByteDance Ltd, known for its monetised contents. TikTok has overtaken the reputation of Meta’s Instagram by attracting the youthful customers being the most downloaded app of 2021.Meta is investing  lots into the creator financial system, which in the long run will benefit both the creators and the company.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta has pointed the growth of Reels as the corporate’s fastest growing content material.

Last week, Meta stated it might provide a tab on Facebook that’ll sort content material in sequential order, referred to as Feeds, that’ll restore an extra accepted place for “family-and-friends” feed for customers. Instagram launched an similar device in March.

The top-tier feed on Facebook will proceed to be consolidated primarily based on an algorithm and the corporate in advance has stated that it’s activity depend on what’s beneficial for a person by artificial intelligence and on less what accounts could observe. That makes Facebook’s top feed extra like TikTok’s For You feed, the place customers don’t see content material primarily based on who they observe however as an alternative from what TikTok’s algorithm determines the user’s curiosity.

Some of the partner policies to earn money on Facebook ,Creators  must 

  • Create content on an eligible surface
  • Recide in an eligible country
  • follow their community standards
  • share authentic contents
  • follow the payment terms
  • content that threatens people and that has the potential to intimidate, exclude or silence others isn’t allowed on Facebook
  • Hate speech, violent and graphic content ,adult nudity and sexual activity will be considered as violations of terms.

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