IT Employees to sign up for specialized courses


The pandemic has made many people lose their jobs globally. According to the latest news report on jobs and salaries, the salary growth is almost negative given the situation created by the pandemic which has negatively all.

Information Technology employees are now enrolling in some other specialized courses as the company offers rewards only to those who have skills in artificial intelligence and cyber security. Those who have extra skills will get an extra 10% increment when compared to others.

50,000 learners have signed up for courses in emerging tech like AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity at edtech company Great Learning in April. Also, Jigsaw Academy has updated over 5,000 professionals enrollments in its specialized technology courses since April.

“With companies moving towards a more data-driven approach, paired with digitally-agile operations and automation, those skilled in emerging technologies practically have recession-proof careers,” said Gaurav Vohra, CEO of Jigsaw Academy. Those kinds of programs will provide a secure career along with enabling innovation and transformation in the organizations.

In the last three months, there was a 200% annual increase in people registering for their courses in emerging technologies. For Artificial intelligence and Machine Language courses, there are over 3,000 takers while for cybersecurity, the number was upwards of 3,000 people taking the course. Mostly 95% of the learners report that they have received significant gains from learning special courses. The significant gains can be a salary hike, promotion, or recognition in the organization.

Currently, there are 60% of fresh graduates and students and those who complete the program can get a salary hike of 30-50%. Mostly there are a high number of freshers accounted for registration which shows demand for skills in emerging technologies is beginning early on.

Training in emerging technology is not only an asset but a prerequisite. Employees should be capable of themselves to survive in a world that is going to be increasingly automated, connected, and optimized through human-machine collaboration. Apart from experienced people, freshers are also making a straight decision to take up specialized courses so that they are hired at high salaries by potential employers and also not left out when increments are rolled in.


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