ITC introduces new health, wellness, and hygiene-related products


Indian multi-business conglomerate ITC ltd has launched a bouquet of specially crafted eight new and innovative products for Indian consumers which is mainly to cater to the specific health, wellness, and hygiene needs. Even during the lockdown period, their innovation engine has been continuously at work and their R & D teams have put to tireless effort to spearhead product development in record time.

Some of the products launched by the ITC were; B natural + fruit beverages with immunity offerings and i is formed as association with Amway. The main intention of the product is to provide the dual benefit of immunity+ fruit & fiber contents to the consumers. Another range of innovative products introduced by ITC is effective hygiene solutions under the Savlon brand. These include Savlon surface disinfectant spray and convenient solution to effectively clean frequently touched surfaces. Along with that, they brought Savlon Hexa advanced hand sanitizer, Savlon sanitizer in sachet format at 50 paise and Savlon wipes, and also they introduced Nimwashnatural vegetable and fruits cleaner. 

To increase the immunity power, they launched two products in select markets in the East Aashirvadsvasti and Ashirvad milk fortified with vitamin A. The ITC’s 25 mother brands that create and capture value for India and also it supports the government’s clarion call to be ‘vocal for local’. Another interesting fact is that ITC launched a digital campaign recently with a bouquet of its world-class Indian brands proudly voicing their “nation first” credo. The interesting thing is, it reflects the spirit of

 “make in India” with the IP developed in India by Indian scientists, made with the produce grown in India and it is produced by Indian farmers, manufactured in India at world-class Indian facilities available and specially crafted for Indian consumers.

The campaign is run across social media platforms and generated considerable interest among the netizens. Many posters and videos were developed and disseminated as a part of the campaign. Some of the most eminent ITC’s brands ruling today and have achieved encouraging consumer franchises including Ashirvaadatta, salt spices, and dairy products, Bingo chips, Sunfeast biscuits, Yippee noodles, Vivel soaps, Fiama shower gel, etc. All these brands can be proudly be said as Indian creations as a part of the campaign.


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