ITC Sunfeast Dark Fantasy and Frozen bottle joins hands to launch an exclusive chocolatey menu


Sunfeast DarkFantasy, a product from ITC Limited is coming up with a joint venture’ frozen bottle ‘. Sunfeast Dark fantasy is well known for its golden colored crispy cookies with mouth-watering chocolate inside in abundance. Frozen bottle with frozen dessert, and shakes along with Sunfeast dark fantasy will launch special ice-cream jars. Their new dessert and beverage creation, the market is going to experience, which of course is going to uplift the customer spirit relaxing at their homes.

The enticing range will be an assortment of chocolaty desserts and beverages along with dark fantasy cookies are going to be an out of the world experience to its food-savvy customers. Swiggy and Zomato, the special food aggregators which are being crafted by special experts who have special instincts inside them. The customers will be taken to a new world where they are going to experience the tempting creations which they have only dreamed of. The manufacturing atmosphere will be highly hygiene adhering to quality and safety standards.

The menu is going to offers 8 various formats of cake jars, milkshakes, and Sundays. The tall, dark and handsome milkshake along with Choco fills, Belgian and milky vanilla ice creams, coming with a toping of Fudge is going to be a surprise for those who always wanted a twist in their life.

The coffee fills cookies, signature caramel nut icecreams, Mocha Ganache, coffee powder, and chocolate fudge jointly presents a perfect “ Soulmate” in a glass, with Caramel kiss cakes jar carry you into a fantasy world. When all chocolaty things including Choco Melts cookies, warm brownie, chocolate fudge infused with signature creamy vanilla ice creams, and dry fruits make you realize the desert fantasy Melt in Your Arms. The multi-layer rollercoaster with Coffee Fills cookies, Belgian chocolate icecreams, Choco hazelnut Ganache, and chocolate fudge. The Sin City Cake jar attracts you to a world where it is a pleasure to indulge in any sort of sin. The Sunday-50 ‘shades of you’, chocolate heaven makes one’s heart racing and vibrating. Sundazed-a special infusion of Choco Melts cookies warm brownie, signature milky vanilla ice cream, a Sunday, chocolate fudge, and dry fruits.


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