Jasleen Royal collaborates with Cadbury for the Dairy Milk Silk campaign


Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has got together with the Indian singer Jasleen Royal as she launches her most awaited music video Sang Rahiyo, for its Heart Pop ‘I Missed You’ campaign.

According to the brand, it’s far a representation of the emotion that numerous couples have felt being far from each other the past few months since the lockdown. In her latest song, Jasleen has beautifully summarized the emotions of a young couple during a long-distance relationship. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk performs a sweet role in their story – a partner in their good times spent together and a medium to allow them to realize how much they missed each other when apart.

This is a manifestation of ‘How Far Will You Go For Love’, in which Cadbury Silk has been encouraging young couples throughout the country to go above and beyond the norm to express their love, and how Silk is in itself the best romantic gesture.

“We desired to construct a relationship that would capture the essence of ‘How far will you go for love’ messaging absolutely. Over the years, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has been a demanded part of expressing love and has developed into a symbol of love. Known for her soul-stirring love songs, Jasleen Royal came throughout as the appropriate choice to bring alive the brand’s message.” Karthik Nagarajan, chief content officer, Wavemaker India, said.

“All my music exhibits a part of reality, from my lifestyles or somebody’s, and my purpose has always been to be relatable to the listeners. I hope when people pay attention to the track they realize that you can find love everywhere if it’s meant to be and that if it’s the right person, and someone who inspires you to evolve and turn out to be the nice model of yourself, it will always feel like home despite the distance.

Although the lyrics have been written eight months ago but currently since most couples separated by distance are going through the downsides because of the pandemic, so I thought it is a nice time to launch it. Cadbury Silk’s I Missed You bar fit in so absolute into the visual narrative of the song. ‘How Far Would You Go to say I Missed You’ was, in essence, exactly what we desired to communicate with the song as well, so the partnership becomes a herbal match! I have been a huge fan of Ranveer Allahbadia’s style of innovative work and I felt our on-screen synergies would match” Jasleen Royal said.


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