Johnson’s uplifts mothers to ‘Re-ignite’ their careers


On the occurrence of Mother’s Day,, Johnson’s® unveiled a digital film for new mothers who have taken a career break after motherhood.

The campaign #AWarmWelcomeBack uplifts mothers to come back to the workforce stronger and more prepared. Through a mixture of stories, the digital film features how Johnson & Johnson’s ‘Re-ignite’ program rejuvenates the spirit to restart careers.

Conceptualized by Schbang, and executed by B&F, the film conveys a warm and inspiring message to new mums who struggle with self-doubt and apprehension about heading back to something they have loved, not to mention the nervousness related to the way organisations respond to their return. This film, in its spirit, is a gentle push to these mums, and their ambitions. 

The ‘Re-ignite’ program, an enormous global success, offers a 6-month paid “returnship” to new mothers after a career break of 18 months or longer, with a chance for a full-time position. Since its launch, the company has been extending to women across the country who are currently on career breaks as a result of getting married or having children or pursuing academic programs.

The program has received a remarkable response with more than 100 applicants last year, out of which six talented women have joined Johnson & Johnson as Re-Ignite associates. 

Speaking about the campaign and the program, Manoj Gadgil, Vice-President Marketing, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health,, India said that the Re-Ignite program re-affirms their support for mums in their motherhood journey. They believed when mums return to work, they are stronger and are as career-ready as they were when they took the break and have a lot to look forward to.

He accepted that returning can be overwhelming, emotionally stressful and may likely act as a restriction. He said that Johnson’s® understand that, which is why Re-ignite is their effort to give them a meaningful and yet safe way to return to work-life again. Hence this Mother’s day, they chose to share the Re-Ignite Program details, their warm welcome back to mums looking to return to their corporate ambitions.

At Johnson’s®, they were collectively working towards making the workplace more welcoming for women especially when there is a transition involved. They were doing this through return-to-work programs that re-ignite their careers, mentoring initiatives, upskilling courses and industry-specific skills training. 

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