Schbang for Good and Sakshi unites against child abuse


Schbang for Good has joined forces with Sakshi, a rights-based NGO, to tackle the growing issue of child sexual exploitation this Christmas. Schbang’s impact communications wing ‘Schbang for Good’, released an action-oriented digital campaign for The Rakshin Campaign, a youth-led movement operating in India to stop sexual abuse of children.

The initiative was launched on Christmas Eve and seeks to draw attention to the ‘Shadow Pandemic’ of child sexual exploitation and enable the adult community to take part in the solution. Children during the holiday season are often portrayed as tiny bundles of magic. They are constantly pressured to be “NICE” by society and are unable to differentiate between the facts of what comes under “naughty or nice” because of their trusting nature.

The campaign film focuses on this uncomfortable fact that 90 percent of predators are without frills inside trustworthy circles and ends with a free training session offered every Sunday at 3:00 PM, which aims to educate volunteers to become alert around children.

The goal of the campaign is to redefine what “NAUGHTY and NICE” stand for, and the training session also offers opportunities to create safe spaces, teach children about personal boundaries, and how to speak up without hesitation or fear about any and all experiences.

Riya Parekh, Group Creative Manager, Schbang for the Good States, I have debated the concept of ‘naughty or nice’ from a young age because their meanings are not well described. Through the campaign, we tried to convey the impact of this, a life-changing impact for millions of children.

While WHO promotes seven strategies to end child violence, Sakshi’s Rakshin Project, a unique initiative in a pro-bono partnership with the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, aims to develop the capacity of 40 pan-Indian Lakh Youth (18-22 years) to prevent gender-based violence and child sexual exploitation.

Natashja Rathore, Sakshi’s Founder and CEO of SBOX says, as we celebrate the resilience with which we have addressed this year’s challenges, the on-site initiatives of the Rakshin Project, coupled with the communication initiatives of SBOX, continue to work to ensure that homes are actually secure.


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