EID Parry’s #insideOutside campaign


EID Parry, the leading sugar manufacturer in India, today unveiled its public campaign #InsideOutside, focusing on the value of confidence and hygiene as core elements in daily life. Through an interesting TVC, the advertisement highlights the brand’s pledge to deliver impurity-free sugar through its specialized sulfur-free processing . The TVC further reiterates the EID Parry White Label as high-grade sugar processed in a healthy setting, untouched by hands, without losing taste and consistency, narrated through the eyes of a real-life pair.

There is a greater understanding of hygiene and protection among customers today more than ever. Sugar is an important part of every family and women, as diet and health gatekeepers, look very carefully at the consistency of all that comes into their kitchen. The company also set many milestones in the industry as a leading sugar producer in terms of delivering quality goods without sacrificing flavor and hygiene, which has earned them many hearts and helped them win customer interest in the market. The #InsideOutside initiative is an opportunity for consumers to be highly trained and aware of the different steps and quality levels that EID Parry Sugar requires before applying sweetness to their lives.

The TVC, which brings together the TV fame of Vani Bhojan and Amit Bhargav, captures simple but impactful moments of faith and disappointment in daily life, especially in terms of obtaining quality ingredients. The film, intertwined with the story, traverses EID Parry White Label Sugar’s manufacturing journey in a healthy, technology-driven setting, untouched by hands, and reveals the advanced sulfur-free manufacturing process used to ensure quality and hygiene.

Sugar plays an important role in households in India at all times. There is a need for brands to empower customers and build awareness of quality differentiation. EID Parry’s efforts are commendable, and more and more customers will be inspired to settle for high-quality, impurity-free sugar delivered in a convenient and balanced way to move forward. In addition to TVC, the #InsideOutside initiative also contains several advertisements for social media.


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