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With Diwali nearing, ZING, the youth’s new favourite channel, has launched a wonderful campaign called “Be a sparkle with Zing,” which encourages people to “give” their time by mentoring those in need.

The initiative aims to improve the lives of under-resourced youth who need help during their formative years. Volunteers will have the opportunity to mentor one child or young adult and provide guidance in areas such as social skill development, life focus, and career development, among other things.

Diwali, India’s festival of lights, is a significant celebration that is typically regarded as the climax of the country’s festive season. It resembles the celebratory fervour of Christmas in the Western world in many ways. It is also regarded as a fortunate time of year by Hindu groups, who use it to organise prayers, large-scale spring cleaning, and household item shopping.

The event is commemorated by reaching out to the less fortunate and making charitable gifts for those who have a kind heart. These ensure that everyone in a community may enjoy themselves over the holiday season. It also gives the poor hope and a break from their daily life, motivating them to look forward to a brighter year.

To help connect under-resourced youngsters with their ideal mentors, ZING has partnered with NGOs such as The Lighthouse Project, Mentor Together, Antarang Foundation, and Katalyst India. Individuals can begin their mentorship adventure by registering at this website.

This programme will provide a safe atmosphere for mentors and mentees to communicate one-on-one to share knowledge, understanding, and ideas that will help the mentees grow and become more socially aware persons.

Zing is attempting to teach the youth about mentoring and bring them together to lead the change at these NGOs, which play a critical role in creating a positive attitude in their beneficiaries, making them socially conscious, and preparing them for the future, through this programme.

Zing’s goal with this campaign is to inspire adults to be the guiding light in the lives of under-resourced children and young adults who are looking for support and, most crucially, career direction. They hope to raise awareness of mentoring and inspire others to volunteer.

According to Pankaj Balhara, Chief Channel Officer, Music Cluster, a simple commitment of time can go a long way in bringing a ray of hope into these children’s lives and helping them construct a brighter future.

Katalyst India’s CEO, Poorvi Shah, is looking forward to connecting with more working professionals. The Lighthouse Project’s Program Director, Myron Anthony, is searching for beautiful youths to volunteer.

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