#NoToNoise catalyzes to form animal-inclusive festive seasons


#NoToNoise is the newly launched Diwali campaign by Wiggles.in. The campaign introduces a matchbox that doesn’t light that aims for a noise-free festive season for our pets.

Wiggles.in is a pet care D2C company, based in Pune which provides services for pet care like grooming, vet on-call, training, and boarding.

The campaign is both socially relevant and creatively thoughtful. Its main aim is to encourage animal and pet inclusive Diwali.

People must also consider the well-being of animals during our celebrations. They must take the necessary steps to make a safe atmosphere for animals.

Diwali is a festival of lights. This festive period is known for an atmosphere reverberating with the sound of crackers, laughter, and joyful shouts of children and family.

But one group of beings is left out from the celebrations. #NoToNoise wants to create a Diwali that includes these animal beings to take part in festivities with happiness and joy.

The festive seasons should no longer create an atmosphere free from pressure, aggression, and worry for the animals. We must prepare them cheerful surroundings.

The campaign becomes viral on digital and social media platforms. It also engages with stakeholders and customers through observational advocacy.

The research studies show that dogs can hear normal sounds at a frequency that is 4X times stronger and louder.

Animals have powerful hearing abilities that make them uncomfortable and restless while hearing such deafening, blasting sounds.

Diwali becomes noise pollution for the animals. Human beings have multiple methods and measures to cut down the pollution caused by heavy noises.

#NoToNoise comes with utmost sincerity in creating awareness to reduce noise pollution caused to pets and animals with the lighting of heavy crackers.

There are two possible methods like the unlight-able matchbox and plantable crackers to reduce the noise pollution caused to animals.

These act as catalysts that make people utter No to noise for the prosperity of our animals and the earth.

Anushka Iyer, founder, and CEO of Wiggles.in, states that Diwali is the toughest period for the animals in a year.

Celebrations that humans enjoy become a curse to animals. The noise produced from crackers causes health issues to animals. This mental uneasiness, unsettlement remains in pets for days.

#NoToNoise works with the commitment to celebrate Diwali in a noise-free, animal-inclusive, and pet-friendly atmosphere. It declares that pets do deserve the same care and attention as humans need.

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