Josh help Kerala businesses personalised and relatable engagement


Josh, a short-video app that transcends language barriers and offers marketers a unique proposal to engage with their consumers authentically through immersive formats, has a solid comprehension of the needs of local language consumers for short-form content.

Kerala is a good example of a market where the platform has had a lot of success.Josh has a monthly active user (MAU) count of 139 million and a daily active user count of 68 million (DAUs).

Josh’s journey around Kerala includes collaborations with government agencies and a variety of organizations, demonstrating the value of short-form video in facilitating meaningful and successful communication between brands and customers.

Josh enabled brands in Kerala to engage with their consumers in an authentic, personalized, and relatable manner by working with local creators to offer hyperlocal solutions to local brands in the local language.

As a result, Josh enabled brands in Kerala to deliver a deeper impact by working with local creators to offer hyperlocal solutions to local brands in the local language.

Josh launched the #BridesOfJoyalukkas campaign on their platform in collaboration with South Indian jewellery manufacturer Joyalukkas to emphasize the charm of their magnificent bridal jewellery range.

A variety of films were developed on the app to meet the high-aesthetic video standards to do credit to the elegance of the jewellery, ranging from product shootings to full jewellery looks with multiple South Indian celebrities such as Ashu Reddy, Laxmi Reddy, and Hasini Reddy. The ad drew a huge response, with more than 530 videos being created and 64 million views.

We are quite delighted with the content produced and the good results obtained.” Josh also collaborated with the Kerala Tourism Department to promote Kerala as a top vacation destination.

Josh also worked with the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) to promote the two new flyovers that were just built.

On the platform, it launched the state’s first branded campaign #UnlockTheBridges, with the help of prominent influencers like Malayali creative Fukru. Josh has also worked with local retail brands, such as Ajmal Bismi, to adapt their in-store experience online and promote the introduction of their two new stores, as well as their in-store features and facilities, using the platform.

Josh also worked with myG, an electronics company, to commemorate their 100th store opening in Kerala.

The #myGHappy100stores campaign was a huge success, thanks to a custom branded filter, a Malayalam soundboard, and the top Malayalam influencers.

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