KDM India launches new digital campaign


KDM India, a leading lifestyle and mobile accessories brand, has launched a new digital campaign called Karo Dil Ki Marzi.

Karo Dil Ki Marzi is the brand’s abbreviation, and its first video, featuring renowned Bollywood actors Brijendra Kala and Deepshikha Nagpal, has surpassed one million views in less than a week. Following that, a series of videos showing tv actor Paras Kalnawat will be released.

Karo Dil Ki Marzi’s philosophy resonates with every Indian who is willing to follow his heart and make a decision for himself. The brand’s new digital campaign is a natural extension of its objective of making KDM’s unique and feature-rich wireless devices more accessible to a wider audience.

Nilesh Mali, Chairman & Director, KDM India, explained how the concept fits the brand perfectly: “KDM is an aspirational and essential lifestyle & mobile accessory brand for every family member, be it a father, mother, daughter, or son who cannot afford to miss the fun and can relate to our brand as they can enjoy their moments through KDM and in doing so fulfill their aspirations,” he said. We’re ecstatic that our debut video received a record-breaking 1 million views in its first week, and we’re confident that our upcoming videos will outperform it.

The campaign beautifully captures the need for doing things that one loves. The last one and half year was marred with lockdowns and lots of mental agony in the world. As things are opening up in India, KDM India encourages its consumers to follow their hearts and Karo Dil Ki Marzi.

Navratri, followed by Diwali, marks the start of the festive season in India. We aimed to develop emotional connections with our target audience through unique concepts to convey the joy of the holiday season. According to Bhawarlal Suthar, Director, KDM India, “We hope the campaign will motivate people to step up their celebrations with our fashionable and power-packed wireless speakers, neckbands, and headphones.”

For more than a decade, KDM has been a prominent lifestyle and mobile accessories company. Mobile chargers, earbuds, speakers, neckbands, and headphones are among the products it has developed under the mobile accessories and lifestyle divisions.

It has a well-established distribution network across India, which has aided in its goal of becoming India’s largest and most inventive mobile accessories and lifestyle brand.

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