Kerala and Josh – A healthy match made in God’s own country


By human action a brand’s proposition inside sixty seconds and garnering fervor levels of engagement, short-video is massively dynamical the approach brands approach their audiences.

139 million Monthly Active Users and sixty-eight million Daily Active Users banter – India’s quickest growing and most engaged short-video app could be a testament to the present amendment.

 With a robust understanding of the short-form content necessities of native language users, banter is transcending the boundaries of language associated with authentically providing brands through immersive formats. A purpose case in Kerala – a market with marked success for the platform.

Josh’s journey in Kerala entails collaborations with government bodies and numerous brands that show the ability of short videos in sanctionative meaning and effective communication between brands and customers.

Operating with native creators to supply hyperlocal solutions to native brands within the native language, banter enabled brands in Kerala to interact with their customers in associate authentic, personal, and relatable manner– therefore delivering deeper impact.

Partnering with common South Indian jewelry complete Joyalukkas to focus on the charm of their exquisite bridal jewelry line, banter launched the #BridesOfJoyalukkas campaign on their platform.

Meeting the high-aesthetic video necessities to try and do justice to the class of the jewelry, a range of videos were created on the app from product shoots to full jewelry appearance with multiple South Indian celebrities like Ashu Reddy, Laxmi Reddy, Hasini Reddy.

The campaign received a colossal response with the creation of quite 530 videos, garnering sixty-four million views.

Mr. Anish Varghese, Deputy top dog of selling, Joyalukkas aforementioned,” Capturing the wonder associated class of our exquisite jewelry line within sixty seconds by operating with banter on the #BridesOfJoyalukkas campaign has been eye-opening expertise into the effectiveness of short-form content in delivering our brand’s message.

We tend to be happy with the standard of the content generated and wonderful results garnered.”Josh worked with the Kerala business enterprise department with the associate aim of promoting Kerala because of the go-to vacation destination.

Banter additionally collaborated with the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB), to popularise the 2 recently made flyovers.

Whereby it ran the state’s initial branded campaign #UnlockTheBridges on the platform labor in common influencers just like the Malayali creator Fukru.

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