Nippon paint new campaign ‘Spotless Nxt’


Nippon Paint (India) non-public restricted (Decorative Division) Asia’s leading paint manufacturer launched the ad blitz for its product speckless Nxt – the stain repellent emulsion.

The cause highlights speckless Nxt’s distinctive ‘Swan-back’ technology that makes the paint proof against the penetration of water-borne stains and causes them to make beads.

The advertising has been created and dead by Rubicon Communications. The adoptions Nihon Paint’s complete being Blobby and actor Redin Kingsley as a funny security guard United Nations agency guards the walls twenty-four X seven against stains, till Blobby intervenes with speckless Nxt. The ad is being airy on TV further as digital platforms.

The Blobby – security guard pair also include supporting social media campaigns that showcase the merchandise and its purposeful options. The campaign drives home the message that with speckless NXT’s stain-resistant swan-back technology, you’ll ne’er worry regarding soiling your walls once more.

Some of the key options of speckless Nxt ar Stain repellency and extremist Low VOC that keeps the walls stain-free and clean leading to a healthy setting. These superior options make sure that waterborne stains that are available contact with the walls, type into beads & fall.

This ‘beading effect’ guarantees stains don’t stick and may be removed simply while not damaging the paint. Speckless Nxt doesn’t emit any odor throughout & once painting thus reducing the chance of any irritation, headache, nausea, etc.

It additionally possesses glorious washability that makes the surface easier to wash. Emphasizing the requirement for such AN innovative product within the market, Mahesh S. Anand, President – Nihon Paint (India) non-public restricted (Decorative Division) commented, “We are excited to launch this new ad blitz on speckless Nxt that includes actor Redin Kingsley and our speckless Nxt Blobby.

We have a tendency to had noted a rising awareness amongst our customers regarding paint with specific functionalities like stain repellency.“With speckless Nxt, we have a tendency to would like to supply our customers a high-quality paint that’s appropriate for homes. With a ton of your time being spent inside, this special acrylic emulsion paint can play a big role keep the interiors free from unit stains,” Anand aforementioned.

Through this ad, we have a tendency to wish to indicate the funny aspect of such efforts whereas drawing attention to speckless Nxt, our stain repellent emulsion. Actor Redin Kingsley lends his complete humor to the ad and therefore the social media campaign.

The cause is supported by communications across ATL, BTL, and Digital programs to accelerate awareness creation,” Titus accessorial.

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