Kerovit features celebrities for the brand campaign


The company, which currently engaged Ranveer Singh as a company ambassador in October 2021, pursuits to seize the imagination of the youth.

The cutting-edge TVC, titled ‘Freedom 3.0’ includes forward the brand’s expression ‘Kerovit is Freedom,’ emphasizing the truth that also is a region where a man or woman feels free the most to categorize their internal emotions.

The TV commercial depicts aspiration, emotion, achievement, inventive expression, and youthfulness in affiliation with their luxurious sanitaryware and tub solutions.

The TVC depicts the bathroom as a heaven for everyone with the aid of displaying two people who use the bathroom to express, unwind, and subsequently achieve success. The corporation is attempting to attain out to the nation’s youth, with whom the emotion of ‘freedom’ resonates the most.

Mr. Rishi Kajaria, MD Kajaria Bathware Pvt Ltd and JMD of Kajaria Ceramics Limited, on selecting Ranveer Singh as the company ambassador, says, “We accept as true with that Ranveer Singh has continually embodied the feeling of ‘freedom,’ and the common thread of craziness, style, and uniqueness. This makes us the perfect match.

The company personality of Kerovit is young, bold, and lively, it is versatile and in branding terms, has the ‘Everyman’ personality, which makes it very relatable, friendly, and approachable for consumers. The same goes for Ranveer Singh – he aptly personifies the brand.”

The agency has before launched campaigns starring Anushka Sharma, dubbed 2.0. To take it a step further, the new campaign has been dubbed three to revamp the brand’s style quotient whilst also hammering the manufacturer expression of ‘Freedom.’

“As a prominent parent in the Indian film industry, Anushka Sharma has always been a fan favorite and has delivered nothing but brilliance in her craft. We saw her as an inspiring icon and felt that she perfectly matches our brand’s narrative of freedom,” says Mr. Kajaria.

“Both these superstars are inspiring, dazzling, stylish, and certainly unique. They also exhibit first-rate versatility and that just goes to exhibit that they have the feeling of “freedom” deeply rooted within. This coincides with our manufacturer strategy and subsequently made our affiliation like peas in a pod,” he adds.

Kerovit is a ‘Made in India’ brand that represents luxury and remedy in the bathing space. The business enterprise intends to attain out to the hundreds in a massive way and create merchandise that sets inspiring requirements in the restroom space.

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