Ketel One new campaign on Instagram


Ketel One Botanical provides a wellness-focused distraction to its Instagram followers, as many individuals stop socialising and during the pandemic in restaurants and bars. Although in recent weeks, other brands have raised their Halloween or election-related ads, the liquor company is messaging at the end of the daylight saving time that lands in the meantime, making it an opportunity less crowded with advertisements.

Ketel One can target young people, who are inaccessible to other media outlets but rely on social media to stay connected to friends and family, particularly during the health crisis, by curating a series of live streams. The programming theme, which includes subjects such as meditation, awareness and exercise, aligns with a pattern in which advertisers urge customers to practise self-care and reduce tension, problems that have been intensified with the continued spread of COVID-19 and wider social concerns.

The live-streamed content is also another indication that their experiential marketing campaigns have been updated by liquor brands to focus on digital content that consumer can enjoy at home. This month, Patrón tequila held a virtual fundraising event on Instagram Live to support black performers and raise money for charity, among the more recent examples. Before that, on Snapchat, 1800 Tequila developed an augmented reality experience featuring Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel’s virtual artwork.

As consumers increase their off-premise spending on alcoholic drinks, Ketel One’s drive can also help Drizly ‘s online liquor store attract new customers. According to the press release, Drizly’s new customers will get a discount on Ketel One Botanical for delivery by using the offer code ‘BOTANICAL’ on their app or website.

The campaign encourages individuals to appreciate the extra hour they get by an hour while turning clocks back and involves collaboration with Drizly alcohol distribution network. Ketel One Botanical was able to leverage into the growth of e-commerce for foodservice purchases through the initiative, while also providing customers with a much-needed reprieve throughout stressful times.

During the pandemic, liquor sales beyond bars and restaurants rose 24 percent, and drinks with higher alcohol content, such as distilled spirits, increased 27 percent from a year ago, according to Nielsen data cited by NPR. Such sales are likely to stay strong before more individuals feel more comfortable going out to restaurants and bars.


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