Oyo’s new campaign features Sonu Sood


Oyo Hotel and Homes has launched a new campaign named “contactless check-in” and the campaign features Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who is currently the asset owner and brand ambassador of the company. Through the launch of the new feature, the company aims to provide the customers with faster and safer check in experience and the campaign is launched after the “Sanitized stays” program and it collaborated with Unilever and the “Sanitised before your eyes” program.

The company had launched the program, as they have recognized that in the current situation direct contact is something which has to be avoided. Through the campaign, the company focuses to create an awareness of the new feature among the customers, where the customers can select to check-in through the app from any location after they have booked, through which the physical check-in process is not needed.

The campaign video focuses on the idea “Phone pe check-in, chaabi picking, seedha walk-in” which means that the customers have to check through their phones, pick up their key and walk straight into their room. The film shows a couple checking in, even when they are at a different place and the film also shows actor Sonu Sood, who acts as Oyo manager and sanitizes the key card and places it at the assigned place at the reception desk as the customers come and they are excited to experience the process.

The campaign and the film were created by Oyo’s in-house global brand team along with the help of UBIK films for production. The campaign will be promoted on all digital media platforms and even through offline channels.

The senior vice president and chief service officer of Oyo hotels and homes, Shreerang Godbole stated that the hospitality service includes a lot of involvement of physical contact, and considering the current situation, physical contact is something which has to be avoided compulsorily.

The concept of the campaign was to make the process easier and to avoid direct contact and maintain social distancing. The company had combined technology, through which the customers can make digital payments, simplifying the process with the use of a three-click process, contactless check-in, and also has provided SBYE to customers to relax.

The head of the global brand of Oyo hotels and homes, Mayur Hola stated that as customers travel, the company aims to provide a safer and tech-enabled experience for the customers. Through the launch of the new feature, the company helps the customers to maintain social distancing. The campaign conveys the concept through an interactive manner and also has ensured that it is understood well that is the customers can check in from any location.


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