Keventers and Myprotein partners to make tastier protein alternatives

Myprotein and Keventers coffee flavoured whey protein.
Myprotein and Keventers coffee flavoured whey protein.

Keventers and Myprotein came together to create a unique Whey protein in Keventer’s coffee flavour for everyday milkshake lovers. An effort to produce the tastiest, safest and healthiest whey protein flavour to add to your daily milkshake or smoothie drink.

Myprotein is India’s leading sports nutrition brand. It is committed to #TreatWithoutTheCheat,

By enabling the customers to have a holistic healthy lifestyle. 

In addition to our high-protein snack range, this innovative partnership flavour launch will give consumers more options to choose from, this time in the beverage category. It is an effort to provide a healthier alternative to regular coffee, smoothies and shakes. 

A tastier alternative to unflavoured protein supplements for fitness enthusiasts who do not prefer lifting weights or bulking up in the gym.

The limited-edition coffee-flavoured protein powder was launched to make the habit of coffee drinking healthier and bring you closer to your required protein allowance for the day, especially readied for the coffee snobs.

Keventers, an iconic and legendary dairy brand with mass appeal has added value and authority to the product. 

Keventers shared their secret milkshake recipe with Myprotein. Keventers a 96-year-old legacy brand shared their recipe for the first time to realise the product. The product is an apt alternative for the needs and wants of the millennials and gen Z.

Association with a global brand like Myprotein to bring a new product that combines the best of both brands. Keventers has always been a trendsetter in the F&B space when it comes to products.

Outreach to the evolving customers who find it difficult to sacrifice taste for healthier options. This special combination is an iconic new addition to the menu and brings part of a global shift to healthier alternatives for consumers.

The Whey Protein in Keventers Coffee Flavour comes with two variants – Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate. By adding a single scoop of the Whey Protein to a smoothie or shake will provide for a 21-gram protein shot. 

The objective is to produce a healthier alternative with better taste and flavour. Keventers iconic coffee flavour helped achieve that. The product will engage youngsters and millennials as it addresses their demands.

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