Myprotein launches #ImpactWeek campaign


The leading sports nutrition brand, Myprotein launched its new #ImpactWeek campaign. The #ImpactWeek campaign aims to engage with Gen Z and to emphasize the importance of good health and how it is the key to current and future prosperity.

Myprotein is considered the leading source of high-quality health products, supplements, and fitness accessories. The cutting-edge innovation has helped the leading nutrition brand to mark its position as a market leader. Myprotein has a wide selection of products at an exceptional value, which includes protein powders, performance clothing, vitamins and minerals, snack alternatives, and high-protein food. Myprotein has always strived to provide the best sports nutrition to all.

The #ImpactWeek is a very unique health campaign that targets to inculcate the importance of good health and lifestyle in Gen Z. The campaign would run from May 21st to 31st and would highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy life at the right age, the importance of adequate protein intake, how we fail to include these in our diet and the supplements required to replenish the deficiency. The #ImpactWeek campaign would feature the brand ambassadors of Myprotein actively using their social media platforms to connect with the Gen Z followers and inspire them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle that is supported by balanced nutrition.

As part of the #ImpactWeek campaign, Myprotein launched four new amazing products to its wide portfolio of health products. The newly launched products are, Vegan Carb Crusher, a low sugar, peanut-flavored protein bar with dark chocolate coating; Turmeric and BioPerine Capsules, which contain turmeric and BioPerine; XImpact Whey Protein, a coffee-caramel flavored high-quality protein; and XImpact Whey Isolate, Salted Caramel, and Coffee Caramel flavored protein.

The Brand Lead of Myprotein India, Renuka Dogra, while speaking on the launch of the campaign commented that “Myprotein understands that the Gen Z are the future of the country and a major focus should be directed on fitness and health at an early stage”. The major objective of the #ImpactWeek campaign is to provide innovative approaches to help the youth tap their potential. Dogra also added that, as India is battling against the pandemic, Myprotein will donate about 12% of its sales to charitable trusts, that have been generated through the impact week campaign to support India on its fight against coronavirus.

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