Kingston Technology releases microfilm for ‘Kingston Is With You’ campaign


Kingston Technology, the world’s largest independent manufacturer of memory products has released a micro-film titled ‘Memories Empower’ officially announcing the launch of its ‘Kingston is With You’ campaign. The campaign carries forward Kingston Technology’s vision of preserving memories with its memory and storage products. The campaign aims to inspire and strengthen people with the promise that ‘Kingston Is With You.’

Taiwanese MV Director Lo Ging-Zim collaborated with Producer Chang Yao-Chou to make the 13 minutes-37 seconds “Memories Empower” micro-film for the company’s new campaign. The film is produced by Palace Production. Kingston Technology has brought back celebrated advertising Director Lo Ging-Zim who had previously directed the company’s ‘A Memory to Remember’ Trilogy micro-film series centred around the theme of ‘memorable past.’ Through a unique story-telling narrative ‘Kingston Is With You’ campaign brings alive memories from the past and transcends them to the future.

‘Memories Empower’ is centred around the virtuous theme of ‘Hope,’ which is captured through the lens of a young 15-year-old girl. The young girl encounters drastic challenges in the world around her. One fine day, she returns from a theatre only to find her entire village catastrophically destroyed. “Grief is like the ocean” and the pain is nothing but persistent, but the ‘Kingston Is With You’ campaign conveys that “With memory, we remember the happiness and hope of life, that provides us the strength to keep going.” The micro-film ends with a message from the girl that reads “no matter how painful it is, I want to remember,” which she requests to be pasted on the wall of the ‘Bell Tower,’ with the excavated Bonshō.

As a part of the campaign, Kingston Technology has specially designed a memory-gift box and unveiled the “7-Day Memory Challenge” to connect memories by encouraging customers to revisit their treasured moments and rediscover the happiness of little things in life.

Re-emphasizing Kingston Technology’s belief in the power of memories and its unlimited impact; Kevin Wu, Vice President of Sales & Development, Eastern Europe at Kingston Technology, said, “Kingston has always been a leader in enabling people to preserve their memories through our most reliable and high-performing memory and storage solutions products for business, creative and daily settings.” Kevin Wu also expressed Kingston Technology’s deepest admiration, respect and homage “to those who show courage, resilience and strength during these testing times.”

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