Nihilent rolls out its new Humanizing Technology campaign


The global consulting and change management organization, Nihilent launched its new multi-media brand campaign Humanizing Technology. Through the new campaign, Nihilent aims to strengthen its position as a human-centric organization with the premise that human experience should be elevated by the use of technology.

The global consultancy and service company is well known for problem-solving and change management using a human-centered approach. Nihilent is distinguished for its comprehensive range of knowledge in customer research, technology, and processes that enable businesses to reach greater heights. For the past twenty years, Nihilent has helped enterprises all across the globe to choose the best-in-class solutions and services that are powered by change management frameworks and Design Thinking led patent consulting.

The new campaign Humanizing Technology aims to symbolize the position of Nihilent. After about two decades of ushering systematic change management, Nihilent is now trying to evolve to the next level and bringing relevance to the much-needed human problems that are faced by industries. The campaign was conceptualized and executed by a division of Nihilent- Hyper Collective led by the advertising guru KV Sridhar Pops, the global creative officer of Nihilent.

The director and executive vice-chairman of Nihilent, LC Singh said that “at Nihilent we intend to humanize every technology and business all across the globe”. He also added that Nihilent ensures that goals and human aspirations take the centre stage through dynamic digital experiences and interactions with the physical world. Mr. Minoo D Dastur, the CEO and president of Nihilent commented that the major objective behind the campaign is to emphasize how technology and businesses need to evolve and be made responsive to human emotions intending to enrich the overall human experience.

KV Sridhar, the advertising master who conceptualized the Humanizing Technology campaign, commented that Nihilent is infused with values that recognize the humanity of each individual who collaborates with the brand. He also added that Nihilent works with a human-to-human approach and holds that all are inherently the same and people share values and emotions that are universal. Nihilent aims to highlight the fact that beyond all the roles and labels we are all humans.

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