Kunaal Roy Kapur stars for Coinswitch Kuber campaign


The largest cryptocurrency investment platform in India, Coinswitch Kuber rolls out its new campaign Trade Kar, Befikar. The campaign would be starred by Kunaal Roy Kapur and with its launch, Coinswitch Kuber will become the first brand to bring cryptocurrency to the center stage in India.

Cryptocurrencies are secure digital currency whose creation is controlled by cryptography and unlike regular currencies, their price is purely based on demand and supply. As the High court removed the restrictions imposed by RBI on cryptocurrency, this has given a fresh boost to cryptocurrency markets in India. India can be seen increasingly adopting bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency as a whole.

The Trade Kar, Befikar campaign aims to bring focus on the crypto storm that has been sweeping millions of Indians who consider cryptocurrency as an alternative asset and to bring equity amongst the tech-savvy investors. Cryptocurrency has gained a lot of momentum and has become one of the fastest-growing assets. The ad film was created by a division of Nihilent, the global consultancy, and services company.

Three new ad films were launched as part of the campaign, featuring Kunaal Roy Kapur playing multiple characters and reflecting on the questions a person would have while considering trading in cryptocurrency. As Coinswitch Kuber is an associate sponsor for the Indian Premier League on Hotstar, the new campaign videos will be aired on Disney+ Hotstar throughout the IPL season. Since IPL is one of the hottest properties in Indian media, the Trade Kar, Befikar campaign aims to not just inform the audience but to entertain them as well.

Ashish Singhal the CEO and co-founder of Coinswitch Kuber commented on the campaign that “We’re extremely happy and excited to present Trade Kar, Befikar campaign to GenZ and millennials who are now emerging as the biggest cryptocurrency backers in India”. The Ad films are intended to reach the young Indians in a fun and memorable way. Mr. Singhal also added that Coinswitch Kuber is delighted to have Kunaal Roy Kapur as the face of their campaign.

The global chief creative officer of Nihilent said that working with Coinswitch Kuber was a very special experience that helped to involve the audience into experiencing a completely new investment category which they are not familiar with. He also commented that Kunaal Roy Kapur has played a wonderful role in infusing humor and whimsicality into the campaign.

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