Startups to bring up their A-game into IPL ads


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most famous sporting events in our country. It is the biggest platform for various brands in our country to advertise. These brands have been pumping a huge amount of money into advertising, this even includes startup companies rooted in our country. These startups have managed to come up with new and creative ads that appeal to the short attention span of today’s world which in turn helps them to generate profit.

Anupama Ramaswamy, the Managing Partner and National Creative Director of Dentsu Impact said that “she liked what CRED has been doing, their ads are irreverent, fun and engaging. They catch our attention well and that works”. As per her comment, in this season startups have been doing well when compared to other established brands in the market. This year Dream11 has not performed well when compared to their previous years. Almost all companies are saving for rainy days. For this to work, they always need innovative ways that keep them relevant yet mindful of the spending.

It is not all about spending instead it is about, finding a brand’s voice when it’s unpredictable. The rising popularity of the OTT platforms has never gone unnoticed. According to a report by Ericson Mobility, says that during this Covid-19 lockdown in India an average of two hours of screen time has increased.

Among the new entrants Upstox, a digital stock brokerage recently beat Groww, becoming the official partner of the Indian Premier League (IPL), joining fantasy sports brands like Dream11, e-payment firm CRED and edtech startup Unacademy is also sponsoring the T-20 tournament with almost 50 Crore each year.

Mr Prashant Gopalakrishnan, the Executive Vice President and National Business Head, Dentsu Webchutney feels that IPL advertising is a super- interesting mix this year. Many ads have stood out with their creativity and excellence. CRED, Livespace have owned an absolute absurd genre. Especially Rahul David’s performance is always a clutter- breaker, it took social media by storm. However, Unacademy is my favourite during the IPL season, this is because of their integration, and it goes very well with the IPL content. It always has its unique way with a meaningful message. Their last year’s hit was “Cracking the game”.

Snehja Sanganeria, the Co-Founder of Meraqi, says that “most of the recent startups, especially online apps and other organizations are not at all concerned about their regional audience but they invest a lot of money during the IPL Season”. This year’s matches are scheduled to happen in five different venues like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi. The final tournament will be happening in Ahmedabad, on the 29th of May this year.

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