Mankind Pharma salutes the martyred frontline workers


The Delhi-based pharmaceutical company, Mankind Pharma salutes the heroes who spend day and night trying to contain the spread of the disease. Many dedicated frontline workers lost their lives in the process and as a responsible organization, Mankind Pharma would support the families of these heroes and will donate an amount of Rs 100 crores to support them.

As the country is fighting the second wave of the pandemic, healthcare and frontline workers are racing against time to contain the spread of the disease. The frontline health workers have proven to be the central pillar and backbone for an effective health care system. These heroes play a significant role in providing health solutions by connecting families and communities to the health system. The health and frontline workers are more exposed to inevitable hazards as a result of the services rendered by them and they are at the dire risk of contracting the virus.

Mankind Pharma has been standing along the nation to fight against the pandemic since the beginning. The pharmaceutical company has donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), medicines, and ventilators to support the nation. The company, in 2020 contributed about 130 crores to the Prime Ministers National Relief Fund, CM care fund, and the families of the martyred healthcare workers and police personnel. Mankind Pharma has always been inspired to serve mankind through its various products and CSR activities.

The managing director and vice-chairman of Mankind Pharma, Rajeev Juneja commented that “Our fearless heroes are doing their best to help people who are affected by Covid19 or are suffering due to economic or social reasons as a result of the second wave of the pandemic”. The frontline workers are most exposed to the deadly disease and their valuable service to humanity should never be forgotten. Many have lost their lives by protecting our lives, so it is not our duty but debt to honour them.

Mr. Rajeev Juneja also added that the frontline workers have fought many battles for us and now it’s time that we fight for them and that the losses borne by the families of the deceased will never be forgotten. The company knows that they can never do anything enough to fill the void, but at least help the family get past the tough times. Mankind Pharma paves the path toward fighting the pandemic by strengthening the promise to serve with compassion and care.

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