Acidity is the highlight of Eno’s latest ad


Acidity is one of the most common health conditions that occurs mostly at unexpected times, because of reasons such as maybe having a heavy meal, fatty foods or even eating patters. The symptoms of acidity vary from one person to the other. This may include sour burp, heaviness, heartburn etc. Even though the symptoms are quite uncomfortable the treatment solution for this condition is quite simple that is the most trusted solution of Eno.

Eno is one of India’s leading antacid brands which provides quick relief from issues related to acidity. This solution acts on our body as soon as 6 seconds of post-consumption, this is the fastest action when compared to all others tablets and liquid syrups available in the market.

The Eno brand had conducted a survey as well as they had asked their consumers in India especially those consumers from South India as they are the ones who often go in search of other ayurvedic remedies as per the symptoms they have. Thus, through their latest television ad, the brand promised their consumers that they can enjoy all their moments in life without any worries about any kinds of acidity coming their way.

This film was made specially to address the concerns of the consumers in South Indians. The film opens with a group of friends bonding and chilling together over a cricket match when one among them suddenly experiences acidity due to some snack that he had while watching the match. As he is their lucky charm, they had to somehow make him feel better. So, they tried to understand what type of acidity is he feeling whether it’s a burning sensation or a feeling of heaviness?  This is when one friend among them jumped off from his seat and guides him that while it may be any type of acidity Eno is the best solution for instant relief. As a result, the gang gets back into the game within seconds.

Mr Vijay Sharma, the area marketing lead, said that “Acidity is a condition that affects everyone differently. Some may face nausea whereas others may face heartburn. Eno is the best solution for all types of acidity within six seconds. Through our latest commercial we are trying to build a strong credential for our brand through our products and also to highlight the efficacy of these products across the world.

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