Labo India launches new grades for its premium brands – Fillerina and Crescina


~ The brand that recently entered the Indian market with Zee Laboratories has upgraded its best skincare and haircare range ~

February 2021:

After being recognized all over the world for its uniqueness of its two brands; Crescina and Fillerina, Labo India now launches new grades for its premium brands. The Switzerland-based derma-cosmetic brand has upgraded Crescina from grade 2 to grade 3 and Fillerina from grade 4 to grade 5.

Crescina Enhanced HFSC and Enhanced Anti-Hair Loss is a cosmetic product for topical use that combines in a single package of the two products. Crescina Enhanced HFSC formulation is recommended in cases of hair thinning and hair loss, it stimulates hair regrowth and reduces hair loss in affected areas. The Complete Hair Therapy combines in a single package the two preparations: Crescina Enhanced HFSC and Crescina Enhanced Anti-Hair Loss, both formulated for men and women. 

Fillerina 12 HA is the first dermo-cosmetic filler treatment to be used at home for external application. Its 12 different Hyaluronic Acids in a Swiss Patented formula is for rapid, deep absorbing application. It penetrates deep into the skin tissues, filling the deepest depressions of the face, like age wrinkles and expression lines 14 Day Treatment which results up to 4 months is Clinically proven efficacy with in-vivo test results.

The emulsion, enriched with patent hyaluronic acid complex with vitamins, almond butter, shea butter, and coca oils specifically developed as a maintenance routine and are suitable to prolong the obtained filling results.  The creams formulations consist of different types of emulsions, specifically developed for different needs: day cream, night cream, eye contour cream,  and lip contour cream.

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