Large orders likely for companies selling hygiene kits


Unilever joined with hospitality chain Oyo to supply hygiene kits comprising its Lifebuoy, Domex and further personal and home cleanliness brand across its properties worldwide. Packaged goods companies are stitching up enormous commercial deals offering sanitation products at scale to businesses as covid fears heighten their usage outside homes.

Godrej Consumer products Ltd. (GPCL), the Mumbai based FMCG firm that sells the Protekt brand of hygiene products said it is in talks for B-to-B tie-ups and ITC has started providing Savlon branded products to some airlines and its hotels.

While such B-to-B sales are a low margin business, companies are expecting orders to go up as and when extra businesses open up going ahead.

The Institutional business will be the big segment as India opens up as malls, offices and hotels open and it will be a new segment which will become big. The covid lockdown has impacted institutional business for several huge companies, particularly for food companies, that provide mass supplies to hotels and restaurants. But for companies selling soaps, sanitizers and surface disinfectants, more orders are likely to firm up as businesses resume, spurring demand for more cleaning products.

Last week, Godrej Consumer products Ltd expanded Protekt to over a dozen new products extending the sanitization and hand-wash brand to versatile disinfectant solutions, and anti-bacterial wipes, air and surface disinfectant spray among other such products.

The company, said a top executive at the firm, is in talks for huge tie-ups.

ITC has also provided Savlon sanitizers to some top airlines, a company spokeswoman told Mint.

 ITC Hotels has united with Savlon to ensure guard from a wide range of viruses and bacteria as part of its WeAssure Programme. Savlon’s trusted knowhow and its variety of products in germ protection have been included into the WeAssure initiative,” the firm’s spokeswoman added.


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