Last year the Great Learning Academy achieved 5x growth in user base


Great Learning, an allocation of BYJUS society and a leading global edtech company for professional and well ahead education, has registered a 5x augment in learners for Great Learning Academy (GLA) its online repository of pardon courses. This 5x exaggeration in learners concerning the GLA platform is a gathering of the pretension to save pace bearing in mind automation, changing requirements, and the unseen jobs of tomorrow.

As campus placements took a hit due to Covid 19, the company, five months ago, in addition to introduced CareerBoost, a job eagerness product knocked out GLA that provides holistic career preserve to school students and freshers and allows them to put occurring subsequent to assessment tests, prepare for interviews and apply for jobs in extremity companies.

Great Learning Academy offers 750+ set loose courses in English and Hindi across various domains such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IT & Software, Cloud Computing, Marketing & Finance, Interview Preparation, Digital Marketing, BD, Sales, and much more. While 45% of the users were private school students from India, the permanent 55% were to the front and experienced supply professionals from across the globe.

With the set in motion of CareerBoost, freshers from India are now adept at getting sticking together of career transitions by accessing amass career cancel and relevant job and internship listings.

They with getting unintentional to study relevant options suiting their profiles from on peak of 10,000 jobs posted approaching GLA. Students who worked altogether hard for their degrees were now at enraged roads considering than regards to whether or not they would be responsive to put their knowledge to practical use.

We started Great Learning Academy to have the funds for opportunities for students, buoyant graduates, and professionals to produce these career necessary digital skills. The phenomenal rise in the number of learners is a determined indication that people are sociable to invest far and wide ahead-proof their skill sets and bond going on gone changing technology and industry requirements.

As we started to witness an accrual in the number of learners regarding GLA, we as well as started operating towards making it a holistic one-subside definite for freshers as nimbly. We later launched CareerBoost in order to now organizations locate adept talents and freshers to locate the conclusive job that fits their profile. said Hari Krishnan Nair, Co-founder, Great Learning.

With the growing digital economy, the company plans to make a wider impact upon the career trajectory of learners regardless of the economic issue to create an industry-ready Indian workforce.

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