With Spotify, Stand out and be heard this Festive Season


For any marketer or planner in India, the festive season is one of the busiest times of the year. However, this year is very different from prior years, and any marketing strategy must stand out in order to succeed. It’s even more challenging for marketers to specifically target and engage Gen Zs and millennials. Spotify can make all the difference in this situation.

The ‘new normal in media is Spotify.

The average Indian listener spends 2.5 hours per day on audio, and they can’t be reached by visual media 80% of the time1. According to eMarketer, people’s favorite activity during the pandemic was streaming music. And, as the use of linked devices grows, the portability of audio (vehicle, watch, Smart TV, game console, home speakers) means that advertisers may reach their audience in important screenless moments when they couldn’t otherwise.

According to Spotify data, combining video and music enhances ad recall by 90% and raises brand awareness by 2.2×3. Spotify users create and curate playlists for every mood, and their lives are being soundtracked by them.

In times of uncertainty, it’s nice to have some comfort.

The fact that listeners are wanting to reset their life is one reason why this year’s holiday season will be unlike any other. Consider this: after deferring purchases until 2020, one-third of Spotify customers are considering huge, high-ticket purchases as a form of retaliation4. And this is a user group that is 15 percent more likely than any other to spend 15% more on what they want4.

Turn on & Tune in.

Spotify allows marketers to connect with their customers at crucial times. Shopping, nostalgia, parties, and cooking/dining with the family will be the highlights of the holiday season. Listeners are turning to music to connect with memories of happy times past, as seen by a tremendous 441 percent spike in user-generated cooking/dinner playlists, as well as a 290 percent increase in nostalgia streams and a 590 percent increase in home (and homesick) playlists6.

Brands can fully tune in to their consumers and engage with them in ways that are only feasible on Spotify at times like this – frequently when they are inaccessible to other kinds of media.

A never-ending supply of brand concepts

Want to send real-time audio adverts to your target audience while they’re listening to specific moods? You figured it out.

Want to turn your brand profile into a cookbook, complete with music for each individual recipe? It’s finally arrived!

Do you want to develop a customized campaign with a one-of-a-kind digital experience that will effectively communicate your brand’s message? Done!

Co-branded digital experiences centered on a holiday or shopping wishlists, various branded playlists tailored to specific consumer personalities and/or festive moods, and innovative audio to enhance a brand’s in-store experience – the possibilities are endless.

So, if you’re trying to add some glitz to your holiday marketing strategy, look no farther than Spotify. Send an email to [email protected] to start the party.

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