Launch of the New TVC Campaign by Shyam Steel


The latest TVC campaign by Shyam Steel, one of the top producers and makers of main TMT Bars, features Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. The “Hamesha Ke Liye Strong” campaign of Shyam Steel is being continued in the latest TVC. The campaign attempts to communicate the brand idea that Shyam Steel Flexi Strong TMT bars are an excellent example of how a strong link of relationship can be formed via a perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Rediffusion Brand Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Cornerstone Productions worked together to develop the TVC. Abhishek Burman is the director of the TVC.

The relationship’s basis is kept solid by the combination of strength and flexibility, which is also a part of Shyam Steel’s basic brand philosophy. The TVC elaborates on this idea by stating that when your dream home is constructed with Shyam Steel flexi-strong TMT bars, they stand for a proper mix of strength and flexibility that maintains your home sturdy forever.

In the TV commercial, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma can be seen seated close to the table while their uncle joins them for dinner. Uncle begins eating with hand as Virat and Anushka begin using their spoon and fork. When Anushka and Virat see his uncle eating with his hands, they both begin to do the same and smile at one another.

The connection is constructed on a strong foundation, like steel, and lasts for a very long time when one has the right mix of strength and flexibility. Similar to this, homes made with Shyam Steel flexi-strong TMT bars are more environmentally friendly.

Lalit Beriwala, Director of Shyam Steel, remarked “Sometimes tiny gestures may make a great impact in our relationships” during the launch of the TVC campaign. The cornerstone of the firm foundation is the bond we have with our families at home. The campaign’s story conveys the idea that Shyam Steel is a brand with flexibility and strength at its foundation.

Particularly in the regional regions, the star power of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma would assist the brand in forging a stronger connection with its target audience.

The movie tells the tale of ordinary, daily occurrences to demonstrate how relationships can be flexible and maintain a strong link over time. Similar to how Shyam Steel TMT rebars’ ideal ratio of flexibility and strength keeps the structure sturdy for years. According to Ms. Sreeparna Gupta of Rediffusion Brand Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Through their own charisma and star power, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma help maintain a connection with the public.

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