Learn the concept of Cross-selling in Marketing


Cross-selling is a concept in marketing according to which the customers are provided with the opportunity of purchasing additional things offered by the seller. Typically it is offering the customer with complimentary things to match his original purchase by some means. The idea behind the concept is to capture a larger customer market. The concept by nature meets more of the wants and needs of individual customers.

The idea of cross-selling gets integrated well into any business. Cross -Selling can be explained better with the following example. When a customer orders hamburger in a local fast-food restaurant, the server in the restaurant will be fast enough to ask the customer if he needs some side item/add-ons to go with the hamburger. With this simple effort, the server makes the customer make an additional purchase. The concept is something generally employed in retail sales.

In case of a washing machine purchase, the shop owner would try to fascinate the customer with some special offers to make him buy something in addition, for example, a dryer. Cross-Selling can also be employed to integrate products and services. The telecommunications industry is one which uses this activity. When a customer opts for a particular telecom service, the service provider woos the customer with the company’s plan offers.

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