LG rolls out its new #UPGRADERESPONSIBLY Campaign


LG Electronics India as a part of Earth day launched its new campaign as a commitment towards a better and sustainable future. The #UPGRADERESPONSIBILY campaign focuses on the environmental problems and the related health issues that are caused due to irresponsibly discarding old electronics.

LG launched a heart-warming video as part of the campaign that features a young couple who recall their old memories as they are about to discard an old refrigerator. The campaign video intends to create an emotional connection between people and their electronics and tries to inspire people to responsibly discard electronic wastes. The video communicates an emotional story on how electronics that were once a part of your life deserve a respectful goodbye.

Every electronic appliance has its usable life cycle after which they have to be discarded. Electronics contain toxic chemicals and their disposal has to be handled with care. The consequences of improper e-waste disposal in landfills or other non-dumping sites can cause serious health issues and also pollutes the ecosystems. The improper disposal of electronics causes the release of harmful chemicals are that affect the earth’s air, soil, water, and ultimately, human health.

The #UPGRADERESPONSIBILY campaign was launched to create awareness and to provide a simple solution for discarding e-waste and thereby saving the planet. The campaign video provides information on how e-waste is a growing problem and that urgent attention is required in this issue. The video also provides information about how one can be responsible for discarding their old electronics by simply calling up LG helpline and show how LG recycles or discard old electronics in an organized and responsible manner. The LG call centers are spread across India to guide customers by picking e-waste from their doorstep

Young Lak Kim The managing director of LG Electronics India commented that the latest campaign aims to inspire people to responsibly discard e-waste and the video tells the tale of how LG products are an integral part of every Indian household. The improper disposal of e-waste is a grave threat to the global environment and it is important to spread awareness on this critical issue for a better tomorrow.

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