Pharma easy Brings Great Campaign for Encouraging People


Pharma easy, India’s most reliable online medical and healthcare ordering app has launched a new campaign that aims to offer products and services from OTC medicine to diagnostics and devices in its signature pleasant style. The multi-media campaign was objectified and created by LEO Burnett.

The initiative of the campaign taken on our ashamed belief in the puissant locally ‘Uparwala’ for health and healthcare. 

The campaign conducting helps the brand wants to change faith which by the people get to realize that they need to take care of their health.

The initiative takes the often-heard statement ‘sab Uparwala ke hath mein hai’ honestly display the ‘uparwala’ recommended in the literal sense-‘ the one who lives above you’, process them the brand endorsers. What do they do, they make people understand that their health is in their own hands, to fulfill all their healthcare needs.

As per the chief marketing officer Gaurav Verma, he said “One of the key insights we pick out that consumers are increasingly looking for a one-stop-shop so, they can able to fulfill their healthcare needs are completely in your hand. This becomes succeed by using available with the one tap on the pharma easy app and delivered safely to your home. The timing of the message cannot be more significant given the sudden surge in Covid-19 cases across the country. Our team appealing to all of you don’t take it easy and help us break the chain. Please stay safe at home and continue contactless ordering of all your healthcare needs.”

According to the Vice President of Marketing of Pharma Easy, he said “As humans, there are lot of things that we leave up to pre-determined, but some things like your health are completely in your hands. With the help of bright benevolent campaign, we wish people take their responsibility of health in your own hands. During this ongoing pandemic, the first thing that matters and our asset in which one we should invest is our health.”

Adding to the point of Chief executive officer and chief creative officer Rajdeepak Das, Our past moment focuses on health and healthcare for everyone so this we need to maintain lifetime.”

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