JBM Initiated Eco-Life electric AC bus in Ahemadabad


The most popular coachmaker has initiated its Eco-Life electric AC bus in Ahemadabad. The buses are owned in the head of Ahmedabad Janmarg Ltd under the project of BRTS. Subsequently, 100 percent subordinate of the Ahemadabad Municipal Corporation.

There are zero radiations of a model that company will save approximately 1000 tons which is equal to CO2 and 3.5 lakh liters of diesel, in the 10 years of its service. Adding in this, the company also takes over on a single charge. The Bus can run 250 km while fast charging enables it.

The battery section is built in the form of Li-on battery cells. The team of JBM Auto mentioned that it has laid down an e-mobility ecosystem at the Vastral depot, the place where these buses will be parked, and all the works of maintenance such as charging infrastructure, power infrastructure will be done.

As well, the company also installed a fast-charging station that will help to make sure the minimum downtime of the vehicles. Additionally, all the buses appear with amazing features like- Automatic Bus Vehicle Location System(PIS), CCTV cameras, Panic Buttons for an emergency, public address system, Stop request buttons to name a few.

JBM ECO-LIFE bus commences additional useful features such as Vehicle Health Monitoring System, Fire Detection & Suppression System, public address system, etc. There is a beautifully designed feature for drivers, they access a user-friendly system that gives the drivers an obstruction-free experience.

As per the statement of Vice-Chairman of JBM Group, Nishant Arya, he said, “JBM is deliberate to create state-of-the-art e-mobility ecosystem across the country. The primary aim behind to launch of electric buses in Ahmedabad is to provide green & sustainable transport solutions.

We provide our vision in several states where, the services of electric buses will be serving such as Delhi, Maharastra, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar, Karnataka, etc.JBM Auto Ltd. Has been the innovator of the complete e-mobility ecosystem right from electric vehicles, charging infra, power infra to maintenance and support, thereby, providing optimum value for the customers. The JBM team also said these electric buses are available in a fully low-floor version which their length is about 12 meters.

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