Lifebuoy makes its way back into United Kingdom


With the Corona virus pandemic, hygiene has become the utmost priority recently. Now, Lifebuoy is returning to where it all started, the UK. The Lifebuoy brand has reestablished its classic soap in stores across the United Kingdom from this month, together with some new additions to the family.

Lifebuoy’s 2020 line-up will also include hand sanitizer gels, hand hygiene wipes, hand sanitizer sprays, liquid hand washes, and moisturizing cream + anti-bac – a hydrating cream enriched with antibacterial ingredients. Lifebuoy is also launching sanitation stations in cafes, and cinemas, making it easy for the British public to keep their hands clean.

Lifebuoy has played an important role in helping to minimize the spread of infection. “As well as getting our products to communities, we are on a mission to improve hand washing habits around the world, helping over people since 2010,” says Samir Singh, Vice President of Unilever.

To high point its hand sanitizer offering, Lifebuoy has also published this advertisement, which shows the different use cases for the hand sanitizer. Interestingly, we see that the moisturizing hand cream is also advertised alongside with the sanitizer in this advertisement.

Back in 1894, Lifebuoy soap was created to help fight against the disease and infection that ran rife in towns across Victorian England as a result of rapid urbanization.

At the time, a Cholera epidemic had come and in Lifebuoy soap, Unilever founder William Lever provided a reasonable, accessible way for communities to help people to protect themselves from the spread of the disease.

Much has changed in the years since then. The Cholera pandemic had over, but in 1918, the Spanish Flu followed. Many years later, so did SARS, the H1N1 Flu, and now COVID-19. But the mission to protect people by inspiring good handwashing habits and cleanliness remain the same.

There are several brands providing hygiene products such as soaps, hand sanitizers, lotions, etc, that may use during this pandemic, but like Lifebuoy no such brands got the attention of customers. May be the advertisement for Lifebuoy make both children and elder people make a purchase. Even now the customers are willing to purchase Lifebuoy products because of their high quality and user-friendly products.


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