Saffola Honey highlights quality checks in the new TVC


Honey is one of the healthy and tasty food substance that everyone likes. Saffola’s Honey new advertisement showing the quality checking of honey in a lab for the first time in the sector. The Pure honey is the finest medicine that cures the diseases, So Saffola is providing the purest honey to the Customers.

The company claims in the advertisement that the Saffole Honey is 100% pure and 100% sure This gives the customers that confidence to buy the product. Saffola Honey is testing under the lab to ensure the quality of the honey that is clearly shown in the advertisement. The description on the Youtube of the advertisement shows that every batch of the Saffola Honey is under testing on the world’s best lab in German Laboratories to ensure the quality with the advanced technology of the NMR test (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ). The test is to ensure that there is no sugar added and other kinds of adulteration.

The Saffola Honey advertisement is showing the first time that a scientist checking the quality of the honey under the microscope. From this, the customers can believe that they are giving the purest honey. In the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation is very concerned about the health stats so most of them using honey as a medicine. Honey is the best medicine to prevent cancer heart disease and digestive problems. The people can

have in every morning that a glass of warm water mixed with honey and lime will remove the toxins from the body.

Saffola’s Honey advertisement will stand unique in the market. It shows some extraordinary things that everyone can’t show in front of the audience. Saffola’s honey advertisement will make an exposure in the market and the competitors will feel difficulty to prove their company as the best. Saffola is a health care brand that brings you a variety of simple, convenient, and enjoyable everyday Heart-Healthy Foods and Services so they can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle. Saffolalife has been raising awareness about heart safety for the last few years and encouraging people to heave a safe lifestyle for a healthier heart.


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