Safe order mask concept by Burger King


Burger King’s tryst with the Coronavirus pandemic proceeds

In its most recent move against the pandemic, Burger King – a multinational franchise known for its finger-licking and kickass burgers, have come up with very innovative experimental basis idea on permitting their customer on having their order printed on their custom face masks which are distributed by Burger King to make sure that customer is not required to speak to the BK staff either dine-in or a drive-in.

The main logic behind that is that diners can avoid masks mumbling. This very creative and idealistic idea was given by Buzzman, a Parisian agency and currently, on an experimental basis, they are implementing this at their Belgium branches only.

Now many of us might be thinking that how it really works? And the answer is that customers need to put the order of their choice on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages through its Safe Order’ option. They will at that point get that customer, a mask with their orders imprinted on it.

During this pandemic, Burger King has come up with many such idealistic ideas, one is a little while ago when BK Brazil released a late-night CCTV footage of the chaos that took place at its one of Brazil outlets wherein the order queues a drunken man to a naked person were waiting for their order to be received. The cheap food goliath urged individuals to opt for home delivery options also by availing huge discounts in their orders. The move was planned for lessening crowds at outlets and help home delivery services with huge orders.

In June, Burger King Italy presented a ‘Social Distancing Whopper’ to its menu. On account of the expansion of additional crude onions, it stunk of social separating on the grounds that who’d need to remain close to an individual with terrible breath.

Also, back in May, BK was at that point going all out to handle the pandemic. It presented ‘social removing all crowns’ two individuals six feet from one another. The caption given by BK on their Instagram page was ‘Distancing, but make it fashion’ and that idea just got into consumer’s mindset.


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