[email protected]: An instant loan service from Muthoot Finance


Gold Loan NBFC Muthoot Finance has presented another memorable facility referred to as [email protected] service which helps the clients to gain some benefit from gold Loan without moving out from his or her home for Loan reason. Committed [email protected] staff visit the client’s home at the delegated date and time, complete required digital checks, confirm the client’s gold ornaments at the client’s premises, make the loan, create loan documentation and finally, the loan amount is credited to the client’s bank account.

The movement limitations and security concerns occasioned by the hard COVID-19 circumstance is a distinct advantage for the business system, particularly with regards to the last-mile delivery of services to all customers. Considering the difficulties faced by the customers in these difficult occasions, Muthoot Finance launched the “[email protected]” service, a fit-for-purpose innovation that assists customers to monetize their gold ornaments without venturing out of their homes, the company said in an announcement.

 “Through [email protected] service, they are taking the Muthoot Finance to each client’s home safely. Presently, the customer can benefit a gold loan from the comfort of his or her home without visiting the branch at any phase of the method” by George Alexander Muthoot, Managing Director of Muthoot Finance.

He further referenced “As a main financial services venture, they find that, under such conditions, a huge wrap of our clients (existing and forthcoming) across India might be thinking that it’s hard to move towards our branches to do business due to certain restrictions or limitations. Such anxieties are particularly evident among higher net worth clients.”

[email protected] is primarily an application-based digital service. The client can simply apply for a [email protected] service through the committed and well established [email protected] Mobile App and Web Portal, or through the unique i-Muthoot Mobile application or through online.muthootfinance.com website.

The whole [email protected] process flow is streamlined for productivity, a decrease of operational hazard, and most extreme security to the assets of the clients. A remote regulating team oversees the whole customer-to-branch process by using GPS-based tracking software, guaranteeing consistent help by service delivery and effective and efficient risk management.

When a [email protected] inquiry is confirmed and acknowledged, an ongoing client due diligence happens through a video-based KYC process. This is trailed by an arrangement for the visit by their executives. [email protected] is actually a gold loan on tap. For this, one should simply need to tap the [email protected] application link to make the request.


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