Muthoot Finance “Sunheri Soch” radio campaign motivates all to pursue their dreams with gold loans


Gold loan organization, Muthoot Finance has launched ‘Muthoot Finance Sunheri Soch’ campaign, to launch a series of real-life genuine inspirational stories that break marks of shame around gold credits in India. Its brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan portrays these stories in a new look.

For the radio battle, the company has joined with RED FM; ‘Sunheri Soch’ anthem was launched, saluting the boldness of these successful individuals who have achieved their dreams in highly challenging hard circumstances. According to the company, ‘Sunheri Soch’ is a festival of their achievement, and Muthoot Finance is very glad to be a catalyst in this journey of a large number of Indians.

Alexander George Muthoot, deputy managing director of The Muthoot Group, stated that “They have consistently launched path-breaking campaigns that have brought attitudinal changes in the lives of individuals. Gold loans have tremendous potential as Indian households have 26000 tons of gold and only a few percent such us, just 2 to 3 % of this is monetized by way of gold loans. We at Muthoot Finance are the gatekeepers of trust who enable society to understand the power of their dreams by unlocking the true value of their emotional currency. Our campaign brings motivational genuine real-life stories to assist common people to understand their dreams.”

Abhinav Iyer, general manager, marketing and strategy of Muthoot Finance said that “Sunheri Soch is a series of life-transforming stories that can motivate a million others. As humans- creatures, we feel motivated by incredible examples and success stories. With a little assistance from Muthoot Finance, these are individuals who understand their dreams. With numerous clients being served every day, it wasn’t easy to hand-pick a couple of examples as success stories. Mr. Bachchan’s unique voice and amazing delivery have just brought an enchanted touch to this campaign.

Nisha Narayanan, Chief operating officer and Director of Red FM and Magic FM stated that “They are eager to announce their collaboration with Muthoot Finance, one of the most trusted financial administrations brand in India to feature examples such us, inspirational success stories and break all the common anxieties related with gold loans. With deeper engagement as being the essential need of customers, they have adopted an alternate strategy in sharing some of the extraordinary real stories of Muthoot Finance Gold Loan clients.


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