Cornitos goes filmy with “#CornitosFilmyFlavours” campaign


Cornitos has launched the #CornitosFilmyFlavours campaign, turned on renowned Bollywood dialogues, totally in intonation and style, mapping customers to specific brand attributes and the current circumstance with well-imitated dialogues, these all help to add a clear touch of humor for customers.

The campaign narrative also forms itself into the lockdown experience, utilizing the circumstance to pass on to crowds for better conveying, even in these hard times and while doing so, they are honoring all the guidelines and precautionary measures on every step of the way. ie, from manufacture to delivery and even transaction also.

Vikram Agarwal, Managing Director of Cornitos said that “The challenge before any brand is the means by which it stands up on extreme occasions. And the current occasions are interesting and unique – it is a grim challenge like nothing else before. It is significant for any brand, but especially a retail one, to continually remain in the public mind space. With this campaign, they intend to create a recall value for the brand. The narrative permitted them to pass on to the clients that, we are carefully following all safe delivery guidelines. While looking at it from a different point of view, what we are accessing is simply a fun item; the campaign guarantees the audiences that their pleasant occasions are even happier by Cornitos Nachos and are not ready to compromise in any way, especially on the quality of performance.

Vandana Sethi, Founder of Water Communications and producer of the campaign said that “This is our second Cornitos campaign under lockdown; they are turning out to be something of masters of lockdown films. They love the challenge it brings with all our other lockdown films, no lockdown rules or safe distancing mandatory measures have been compromised. From ideation to shooting, then to creation, everything has been led remotely, and yet, no one would be able to tell the difference from any other film made in typical occasions. About the idea, they were certain that a Bollywood-parody is a winning ticket.

Salil Jason Fernandez, Director of the film said that “The spoof-treatment, humor, and sprinkle of fun are an ideal fit for the brand and classification. Cornitos Nachos is seen as a fun item, coming out with a set of several different flavors. There is always “happy” in the film, even when the different ‘flavors’ of Bollywood are tested through well-known dialogues from famous films.


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