Lockdowns, GDP Growth, And The Schrödinger’s Paradox


Quantum mechanics branch of mechanics that deals with the interaction of subatomic particles. Based on this Schrodinger had conducted an experiment with a cat. The cat was left in the box with an unstable atom that has a chance of undergoing radioactive decay. If it occurs cat dies a d if it does not occur the act survives.

The virus has originated in China’s Wuhan province, the deadly virus had killed many people in Europe and America. Although the situation in Europe has improved it’s worsening day by day across the globe. India has imposed nationwide lockdown to limit the spread of Coronavirus. The central has released do’s and don’ts in order to maintain social distancing. The people are more cautious about their health and take adequate measures to maintain the hygiene.

According to the economist, India is facing the same situation now as the lockdown has some relaxation because of it a lot of restrictions on the movement has been removed. The business is slowly Coming to normal but it is still about 30% low than pre-pandemic. This estimate was based on a study conducted by Nomura Global marker research. Based on the studies conducted by economists the estimates are fluctuating due to the folding and unfolding of lockdown and migration of People.

A business disruption index by Soumya Kanti Ghosh, group chief economic advisor at State Bank of India also arrived at the same result. During the initial two weeks of June, the index showed improvement but in the third week, the index declined again.

The uncertainty is due to the increase in the containment zone. In Tamil Nadu restrictions have relaxed in some areas whereas in other areas strict lockdown has been imposed. In Delhi, the numbers have been rapidly increasing, and they refused to the extent the lockdown. During this pandemic, it’s better to stay inside until the index shows decline.

The major question is that there is an end to this pandemic. The good news of eradicating pandemic from Switzerland had brought hope to the whole world. The people are recovering slowly and regain their immunity. The duration of the outbreak depends on the population. The most important thing is that people must follow social distancing.

The ICMR and health ministry had announced that the community spread has not started.  World health organization has praised India’s timely actions to prevent the spread of the virus. Doctors and health workers have also contributed their maximum to avoid the spread of virus. The government has taken adequate measures to prevent the spread of the virus. It’s now the duty of citizens to listen to the instructions being given by the government.


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