LOTS Welcomes Business Titan Mr. Mahendra Arya on its Board of Advisory 

Mr. Mahendra Arya

Lawyer On The Spot (LOTS), an on-road legal service by Lawyered, providing company that helps commercial vehicle drivers who require lawyers more often than not instantly as they are usually stopped by police officers and harassed, recently expanded its team.

LOTS has welcomed Mr. Mahendra Arya, Co-Chairman, All India Transporters Welfare Association (AITWA) and Chairman, Sri Srinivasa Roadlines, as an Advisor. Being one of the most reputable and well known personalities in the Logistics industry, he will bring his experience which is spanning over 3 decades to the organisation. He is not only noted for his ability to inspire others, but also his ability to lead by example, a quality rarely seen in today’s leaders. 

Under the new Board of Advisory’s guidance, LOTS will be able to scale up its services and further refine its product offerings. In the subsequent future, they aspire to bring on board other business moguls to ensure all the commercial drivers have 24 by 7 available legal service.

Founder and Ceo of Lawyered, Mr. Himanshu Gupta said, “With the onboarding of great minds in the industry such as Mr. Arya, we will reach new heights in our attempt at empowering the commercial vehicle owners and the logistics industry at large. His excellence and expertise are all we need to not only raise awareness but also help the people feel legally liberated to a point where they don’t feel any predicament while working by providing the best legal assistance which is also affordable.


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