‘Love, Bru &Wifey’ series on the OTT platform


Cafes emerged as a third gathering space after home and workspace or colleges. The place where most people spend in between home and workplace is related to globalisation and the creation of urban space.

The last decade witnessed the emergence of coffee shops across the globe, even in India. People hang out in the cafes for leisure, relaxation, interviews, marriage fixation, and whatnot.

A cup of coffee is the perfect way to start the day. If you ask every coffee drinker to define the beverage, the only response they will give you is “energising.” A strong cup of coffee gives you the energy you need to get through the day. It gives you a caffeine boost after a long day at work or in between.

BRU boosts consumer engagement with relatable and value-driven storytelling, based on deep cultural understanding and end-user behaviour.

BRU, the iconic coffee brand, has always been associated with strengthening the connection between people. So it’s only natural that their most recent sponsored content series promotes these principles in an unconventional, unusual manner.

Wives often feel alone during major cricket matches, according to BRU, because their husbands are completely focused on the game. BRU, in collaboration with the Brand Lab team of Disney+ Hotstar, produced a branded content series titled “Love, BRU and Wifey” on the OTT platform with this insight in mind and the aiming of meaningfully engaging with their consumers.

Sakshi Dhoni stars in a six-part limited video series called Love, BRU, and Wifey, in which she discusses her cricket superstitions as well as other bizarre beliefs held by her friends and family. To increase viewer interaction, the brand urged viewers to share their thoughts by tagging the brand on social media with the hashtag ‘Love, Bru& Wifey.’ During the presentation, only a few of these were shown.

During cricket games, Sakshi brings to light the numerous additional superstitions that her family, friends, and cricket fans practise. All of these superstitions, however bizarre they may appear, stem from India’s overwhelming love and commitment to cricket.

Through this branded multimedia series, BRU has pushed the envelope, connecting with its Southern audiences on a more emotional level. Their success on the Disney+ Hotstar platform demonstrates the value of branded content-led campaigns as a new type of advertising vehicle that seamlessly blends brands into the storyline. ‘Love, Bru& Wifey’ is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar till October 31st.

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