Lowe Lintas grandstands Tamil Nadu’s most cherished scooter – TVS Scooty Pep


TVS Motor Company, the reputed manufacturer of two-wheelers and three-wheelers, has as of late launched the special edition of TVS Scooty Pep+. TVS Scooty stays an iconic two-wheeler brand and the best option of mobility in Tamil Nadu for near thirty years. Consequently, Tamil Nadu – the place where there is Tamizhals has an exceptional spot in the brand’s journey. It is a necessary piece of the day-by-day drive for a huge number of individuals today. 

The company launched the unique edition of TVS Scooty Pep+ solely for its clients in Tamil Nadu, ahead of Pongal festivals. To praise the solid love for the brand among its buyers, TVS has launched the Mudhal Kadhal (First Love) Edition. TVS has made the bike’s logo in territorial language-Tamil, a first in the 2-Wheeler industry. 

Discussing the mission thought, Sagar Kapoor, CCO, Lowe Lintas said: “The Mudhal Kadhal (First Love) Edition by TVS is a stage past brand correspondence. It is a unique ‘brand do’ thought and we remained consistent with its central idea. The affection the brand has in South India. The translation is additionally kept as credible and locks in. It turns itself on the enthusiastic remainder of the clients, with TVS Scooty Mudhal Kadhal edition playing the idea catalyst.” 

The moment-long montage made by Lowe Lintas acquires alive the ordinary minutes of the existence of a Tamilian. From a Bharatanatyam artist influencing to the solkattu (cadenced examples continued in south Indian old-style music), to the sights and sounds average of an early morning in Tamil Nadu, to splendid kolams (conventional floor craftsmanship otherwise called Rangoli) that spot each doorstep, to a resigned couple appreciating a cool night breeze by the well-known Marina seashore side eating on sundal (a famous roadside bite), the film takes watchers on a ride that would fill each Tamilian with legitimate pride. The music, layered with the hints of customary instruments, adds to the festival of the Tamizh soul. 

Remarking on the mission, Sonali Khanna, Executive Director and Branch Head of Lowe Lintas Bangalore said: “As an office that invests wholeheartedly in understanding the better subtleties of South India, we are truly pleased with the new mission we have made for TVS Scooty. The ‘Mudhal Kadhal’ Edition is interesting, as it is the primary bike with a logo in Tamil. This is the reason the mission commends the unique spot Tamil Nadu involves in Scooty’s excursion, and how it contacts the existences of such countless purchasers across gender, age, and geology. This work is our method of offering thanks for the love individuals of Tamil Nadu have for Scooty.”

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