Mobile digital hoardings instead of posters to advertise Chennai book fair


With hardwork to ensure they don’t contribute to the poster culture, coordinators of the Chennai book fair have resorted to digital mobile Ads. Load vans with digital hoardings will go around the city promoting the event.

“People think about the reason, but we have to continue to remind them about it, so we have connected with these vehicles. It definitely helps and we try every possible method to reach out to the public,” said G Olivannan, vice-president of Book Publishers and Sellers Association of South India (BAPASI).

Olivannan said this method was followed in the previous book reasonable also to not deface the city walls with posters.

The 44th edition of the yearly fair which started on Wednesday (Feb 24) was postponed by a month this year because of the pandemic. Nevertheless, the response from the public in the initial two days have been satisfactory, the coordinators said.

According to a BAPASI member, they are placing their faith on the weekend to notice the pulse of the population.

“As per our estimates, over 15,000 footfalls have been recorded in the initial two days, which is satisfying,” said G Olivannan.

Olivannan recalled a similar situation they faced after the 2015 floods. In 2016, the book fair was conducted in May-June, and despite of the grim events which preluded, the response from the public had given the coordinators the confidence that this time too Chennaiites and avident readers would support the distribution in local area. The book fair will end on March 9.


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