Lutron introduces dynamic lighting control system “Athena”


Lutron Electronics, a global pioneer in lighting controls and automated shading systems, has recently released Athena in India, a highly acclaimed lighting and shading solution.

Athena is a versatile, all-in-one solution that blends the world’s most advanced light source with intelligent shades and linked apps to provide a complete lighting experience.

Light is yours to generate, control, and personalize with Athena. Any other light fixture can be used to make a design statement, and it’s all controlled by the same system. With adjustable white, warm dimming, and vivid colors, create a mood in large and small rooms.

Athena uses light as an amenity, enriching the experience in restaurants, galleries, spas, and other locations, and personalizing the moment with user-friendly apps that make changing the lighting environment simple – and then change it back.

“We at Lutron believe that every detail matters,” Ripu Daman Sharma, Country Manager, Lutron’s India Subcon area, said of the company’s meticulous attention to detail and precisely balanced designs. When it comes to designing a space, technology plays a role in boosting the design vision.

“The Athena Lighting Control System represents and brings that notion to life via beauty, elegance, and variety.” We’ve created a sophisticated system that includes cutting-edge technology.” Our team has improved everyone’s design, ordering, installation, and programming by adding innovation to every aspect of the product,” Sharma stated.

Starting with daylight and bringing the outdoors in with Lutron shades, Athena creates a cohesive light story. Integrate any additional light fixtures you choose; A best-in-class LED+ universal phase control dimmer, for example, can regulate all load types with a single system, giving you more design options.

Pre-set lighting that simulates natural sunshine is provided via curated content. A new right-sized processor provides a solution for small and large venues – and budgets. It’s simple to repurpose a space without rewiring thanks to digital controls. Cloud connectivity allows open integration and automatic software updates with an intuitive app for easy programming and personalization in real-time.

Now program a schedule. Adjust on the fly. Convert a room from a corporate occasion to a milestone celebration in a matter of minutes. Then, using the simple app, return to the original settings. With the newly expanded Athena, you can tell your space’s tale.

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