Madbow Ventures Ltd forecasts revenue of Rs. 10 billion


Madbow Ventures Ltd is a well-known name in the fashion sector. Co-founded in August 2016 by Naveen Mahlawat, it is a brand platform that generates brands across sectors and scales them quickly using technology, marketing, and years of operational expertise to establish successful D2C businesses.

Madbow now has a few in-house brands that appeal to lifestyle and fashion, such as,,,, and These websites cater to distinct client sectors, such as one that focuses on the people, whilst StalkBae focuses on quality items.

In a market of more than 25K operable PIN codes throughout India, the brand has a client base of roughly 12,00,000+. Madbow just obtained an export licence and catered to foreign boundaries such as Europe and Africa in 2021.

Madbow’s private label businesses have had tremendous success on social media, with over 1 million followers. Madbow Ventures Ltd expects to end FY 2021-22 with a GMV of 30CR revenue, with a target of at least 100-120CR over the following 18-24 months. Madbow has received over 600,000 orders across all channels in the previous 12 months.

The fashion e-commerce company started from the ground up and now owns five fashion labels in Western wear, Footwear, and Lingerie, with over 1500 SKUs across the categories.

Madbow Ventures Ltd intends to create fashion brands/labels in children’s, ethnic, high fashion, cosmetics, and general retailing and brings all fashion and lifestyle needs under one roof.

Following positive feedback from numerous events and exhibits, management is also preparing for 100+ MBO outlets and 10 EBO by the end of 2022. Madbow has recently formed strategic alliances with top marketplace companies like Myntra, AJIO, Amazon Fashion, and others and has curated designs after consulting with their fashion teams.

Play is now a strategic investment banker for Madbow Ventures’ financing. Planify’s CEO, Rajesh Singla, stated, “Madbow Ventures Ltd has received much interest from investors. Nowadays, investors are searching for firms with stable cash flow that can rapidly grow their operations.

Madbow is a perfect fit for this investing structure.” Play & GYC Advisory, an investment banking business, is assisting the company in seeking capital for expansion.

The brand primarily promotes itself through new-age marketing channels such as social media platforms, influencer marketing, and roadshows such as participation in events and exhibits around India.

Madbow has grown its retail tech proficiency over time and has created private label brands with unrivalled quality and competitive pricing of items. Since 2016, the brand has grown fast through return and referral clients.

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